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Al Alloy T6 wheels for Rail car Light car

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Al Alloy T6 wheels for Rail car Light car

January 10, 2022
Latest company case about Al Alloy T6 wheels for Rail car Light car

This is a wheels, produced as per customer drawing, diameter of 390mm,15kg/pc

For such Al wheels, can do forging, or casting, for small quantity, can directly machining, T6 progress

Forged wheels are a classification of forgings, mainly used in gantry cranes, bridge cranes, mining machinery, etc. Also known as: traveling wheels, sky wheels, wheel forgings! Light rail cars also have applications!
Commonly used wheel forging materials: 60#, 65Mn, 42CrMo
Forged wheel products are mainly used in automobile (agricultural machinery), basic parts, rolling stock, construction machinery, petrochemical general and other industries, of which more than 90% are automobile forgings, of which cold and warm precision forgings account for about 5.2% of the total forgings. In 2004, the total output of forgings in the country was about 3.26 million tons, including about 2.44 million tons of die forgings, about 65% of die forgings, about 1.6 million tons, and about 4-5% of the total forgings of automobiles. . The forgings forged by the free forging method on the forging hydraulic press larger than 10MN are called large forgings, and the large forgings production industry has reached a certain production scale and level.
Forged wheel anodizing technology is Hamann-Motorsport's latest lightweight aluminum alloy rim manufacturing technology. Using this new forging technology can reduce the weight of aluminum alloy rims by more than 38% compared to traditional cast rims, which can greatly reduce the weight. Unsprung weight avoids affecting vehicle performance.
The new model adopts exaggerated expansion and bifurcation design, showing a strong sports style, corresponding to the BMW series launched in two sizes of 23 inches, 11J and 12J width, corresponding to Ferrari F599 and California launched 21 inches, 9J and 12.5J width. specifications.
This unique forged wheel anodizing technology can reduce the weight by 38% compared with the traditional cast rim, so that the modification of large-sized aluminum alloy rim does not affect the performance of the vehicle



Al wheels with better heat Transfer Coefficient

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