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company news about What are the advantages of rail transport equipment?

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What are the advantages of rail transport equipment?
Latest company news about What are the advantages of rail transport equipment?

The company has developed a rail transport equipment, in particular a monorail transport vehicle suitable for single rail transport of support materials, including a chassis and wheels installed under the chassis. The chassis is composed of two cross beams and two longitudinal beams which are fixedly connected to form a rectangular frame. The upper surface of one side longitudinal beam is fixedly provided with a column, the upper end of the column is fixed with a horizontal handrail, the front and rear of the chassis are respectively fixed with shafts, and the wheels are sleeved in the middle of the shaft, And is rotationally connected with the shaft; A pair of axle clamps are respectively fixed under the four corners of the chassis longitudinal beam, and the wheels are clamped and fixed by fasteners; A U-shaped steel clamping groove is arranged at the middle position of the chassis; The two sides of the column are respectively provided with side columns; The four corners of the chassis frame are respectively provided with fixing holes. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, small weight and easy movement, which can reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve the transportation efficiency. The utility model has high practicability in the narrow space underground and is conducive to popularization and implementation.

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