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company news about What are the forging wheel forming molds and methods?

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What are the forging wheel forming molds and methods?
Latest company news about What are the forging wheel forming molds and methods?

The company has developed a forging wheel forming mold and method. The wheel well part is designed with blanks according to the shape of the product, so as to ensure that there is no metal waste in the wheel well part, and can achieve smooth demoulding; the bottom plate of the mold is located around the lower mold. The molds are connected to the sliders, the corner blocks are provided with chute, the slider is slidably embedded in the chute, the spring three is connected between the fixed column 1 and the fixed column 2, the outer side of the side mold is provided with a pushing mechanism, and the shaping block 2 is installed on the upper The lower end of the bottom plate; the inner side of the shaping block 2 is provided with a shaping block 1, the connecting bolt body is connected with the shaping block 1, and a spring 1 is sleeved on the outer part of the connecting bolt body between the upper bottom plate and the shaping block 1; the ejector rod is inserted into the shaping block 1 The positioning rod is connected with the connecting plate, the part of the positioning rod located in the second step hole is sleeved with spring II, the lower end of the connecting plate is connected with a cone, and the cross rod passes through the through hole on the shaping block I and can be in contact with one side of the cone.

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