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company news about What constitutes an integrated train axle?

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What constitutes an integrated train axle?
Latest company news about What constitutes an integrated train axle?

The company has developed an integrated train axle, which is mainly composed of axles and left and right wheels. Its feature is that the axles and left and right wheels are connected into an integrated axle by the support shafts at both ends, the left and right wheels and the connecting shafts between the left and right wheels. Beneficial effect: four direction pressure extruder with vertical protection force and left-right horizontal upsetting force is adopted. The key is that the vertical protection force can increase the traditional length diameter ratio of 1:2.5 to 1:5, so as to overcome the current technological situation of bending when forging and upsetting long shaft blank, that is, the process of manufacturing an integral train axle can be completed by only two fires of forging and upsetting. The processed wheel axles of the motor car unit are light in weight, high in strength, few in processing procedures, high in daily output, small in forging allowance, low in cost, and good in dynamic balance. The integrated train axle will greatly shorten its processing cycle and reduce material consumption. It can be widely used on the axles of trains, bullet trains, subways and light rail trains.

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