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company news about What is a steel wheel balance piece?

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What is a steel wheel balance piece?
Latest company news about What is a steel wheel balance piece?

The company develops a steel wheel balance block and a strip wheel balance block, as well as a method and a stamping die for producing the steel wheel balance block. The steel wheel balancing block has a bottom surface which can be pasted on both sides. The steel wheel balancing block has an integral stamping forming structure and the balance block has a uniform punching section without collapse angle. A number of small steel wheel balancing blocks are pasted on one side of the double-sided adhesive to form a strip wheel balancing block. The production wheel balance small block stamping die comprises a feeding section, a stamping section and a positioning section, which have the same length in the feeding direction and can be finished after the blanking of the steel sheet blank. In the stamping section and the positioning section of the stamping die, the same quality steel wheel balance small piece is obtained. The technical scheme of the utility model can significantly reduce the production energy consumption, the product shape is good and the production efficiency is high.

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