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company news about What is an adjustable wheel brake space gauge?

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What is an adjustable wheel brake space gauge?
Latest company news about What is an adjustable wheel brake space gauge?

The company has developed an adjustable wheel brake space inspection tool, which is composed of a positioning mandrel, a positioning sleeve, a set screw, a fixed rod, a rotating sleeve and a dial indicator. When in use, the conical part at the lower end of the positioning mandrel is matched with the center hole of the wheel to make the inspection tool position radially; Press down the locating sleeve to make the lower end face of the locating sleeve flush with the wheel flange to position the end face of the inspection tool; By adjusting the relative height between the ring at the left end of the fixed rod and the positioning sleeve, the upper and lower positions of the dial indicator can be adjusted; The left and right positions of the dial indicator can be adjusted by adjusting the relative position between the sliding block and the rectangular part at the right end of the fixed rod; The angle of the dial indicator in the vertical direction can be adjusted through the rotating sleeve and the rotating shaft; Adjust the relative distance between the dial indicator contact and the fixed position of the wheel back cavity spoke, turn the fixed rod to make the dial indicator rotate for one circle. If the dial indicator pointer does not rotate, it means that the contact does not interfere with the wheel back cavity, and then the wheel brake space is qualified. The invention can not only detect the braking space of the wheel in use, but also adapt to the wheel of any size; At the same time, it has the characteristics of strong universality, high detection accuracy, simple structure, low production cost and convenient operation.

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