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company news about What is the effect of using split wheels?

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What is the effect of using split wheels?
Latest company news about What is the effect of using split wheels?

The company has developed a split wheel, which is mainly used for small industrial vehicles. It is formed by butting and fixing the inner rim and the outer rim. The waist of the outer rim is provided with a valve hole, which is characterized in that: the valve hole is an oval hole, so the The length of the long axis of the oval valve hole is 17-40mm, and the length of the short axis is 12.5-16mm. The utility model changes the valve hole on the outer rim from the original round hole to an elliptical hole, which increases the scope of the valve's moving space in the long axis direction during the tire-loading process, so that the curved valve can easily pass through. There are valve holes on the outer rim, thus improving the efficiency of users to install tires. At the same time, since the valve hole does not change in the width direction of the outer rim, the disc of the tire valve base will not fall off when the tire is sufficiently inflated, which ensures the original stability.

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