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company news about What is the inspection device for spoke wheel?

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What is the inspection device for spoke wheel?
Latest company news about What is the inspection device for spoke wheel?

The company has developed a spoked wheel detection device, including a drive platform, a drive motor, a motor hanger, a side detection table, a drive structure on the table, an inner detection wheel, a middle detection wheel, and an outer detection wheel. The side detection table is symmetrical. are arranged on both sides of the drive platform, the motor hanger is welded on the bottom surface of the drive platform, the on-platform drive structure is provided with two groups, and the two sets of on-platform drive structures are symmetrical and connected alternately up and down on the top of the drive platform. both sides of the face. The invention optimizes the setting of the wheel bridle detection, changes the traditional manual detection method of each bridle bridle, and improves it into a batch detection device. The device has the characteristics of convenient connection and installation, and convenient use. One drive structure can drive six groups The detection speed of the wheel cam is doubled. In addition, the transmission mode of the equipment is novel, and the drive structure of the new design is adopted, which should be widely used.

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