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Forging Casting Steel Rail Wheels Dia 36inch 40inch 42inch Size

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Forging Casting Steel Rail Wheels Dia 36inch 40inch 42inch Size

Forging Casting Steel Rail Wheels Dia 36inch 40inch 42inch Size
Forging Casting Steel Rail Wheels Dia 36inch 40inch 42inch Size
Forging Casting Steel Rail Wheels Dia 36inch 40inch 42inch Size Forging Casting Steel Rail Wheels Dia 36inch 40inch 42inch Size Forging Casting Steel Rail Wheels Dia 36inch 40inch 42inch Size

Large Image :  Forging Casting Steel Rail Wheels Dia 36inch 40inch 42inch Size

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: kingrail
Certification: ISO
Model Number: 200mm
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: standard export package, or as per customer request
Delivery Time: 1-30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1 million pcs/year

Forging Casting Steel Rail Wheels Dia 36inch 40inch 42inch Size

Diameter: 0-1450mm Production: Casting And Forging As Per Customer Request
Material: 4140,42CrMo,60E, Etc Inspection: 100% Inspection, UT,MT, Sizes, Mechanical Property
Progress: Forging-machining-inspection-heat Treatment-machining-inspection Hardness: 150-560HB
Application:: Railway, Rail Cart Or Shipyard,Rail Road Vehicles, Railcar Max. Capacity: Up To 500ton
Export Area: Germany, French, UK, US, South Korea, South Africa, Etc Sizes: As Per Customer Drawing
High Light:

Steel Rail Wheels 36inch


Steel Rail Wheels 40inch

Forging Casting Steel Rail Wheels Dia 36inch 40inch 42inch Size


Position detection mechanism, under the conveyor, there is a jacking mechanism that lifts the wheels on the conveyor up to the receiving table. The position detecting mechanism is connected with the jacking mechanism and the transfer mechanism through the control unit so that the wheels can be separated from the receiving table for coding. The beneficial effect of the present invention is that the present invention satisfies the needs of intelligent logistics transformation in the process of wheel transfer, cancels the use of driving, makes the transfer of wheels more stable and flexible, has a higher degree of automation, and is suitable for wheels of various sizes It avoids the phenomenon of stacking, skewing and even inverted stacking during the transfer process.


Detailed specification of Forging Casting Steel Rail Wheels Dia 36inch 40inch 42inch Size

Specification Customized, customer required, customer's drawings of Rail wheels
Material cast iron, Grey iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel, tool steel, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum alloy, zinc etc
Process Sand casting, Coated sand casting, Shell mold casting,Lost foam casting ,V- process,Centrifugal casting, Ceramic Casting, machining,free forging, die forging,pressure forming ,roll forging, precision forging, forging pressure, etc.
casting sand casting, precision casting, investment casting, lost wax casting, die casting, gravity casting, shell mold casting
machine lathe, CNC, drilling machine, milling machine, boring machine, planting machine, machining center, gravity casting machine etc 
Application Automobile, agricultural machinery, furniture, construction, home appliances, electronics.
surface treatment powder coating, painting, spraying, electric galvanization, coating, zinc phosphide, impregnation, painting, spray paint, black and blue oxide coating, spray paint black, powder coating painting
Inspection equipment Profile projector, Rockwell hardness tester, Vickers hardness tester roughness tester, air gage, concentricity tester , universial microscope, CMM, digital caliper and rockwell hardness tester etc.
Production Usage Auto parts, train parts, mining accessories, engineering machinery parts, valves, pipe fittings, construction machinery and furniture accessories, agricultural machinery parts, agricultural machinery parts, railway parts
Remark (1)Any RFQ, Please feel free to send your drawings(CAD/PDF)for your quotation.
(2)All parts are not in stock, customized only!



A railway wheel cooling device, a cooling method and a preparation method adopted by Kingrail belong to the technical field of railway wheels. The device includes a quenching table and a plurality of spray guns uniformly arranged along its circumference, and the spray guns include a water outlet panel and a water inlet branch pipe. The water outlet panel is provided with large nozzles and small nozzles with different diameters. The small nozzles are controlled by a branch pipe alone, and the large nozzles are divided into upper and lower parts, which are controlled by different branch pipes. It can easily adjust the strength of the cooling water sprayed to the wheel, and improve the cooling uniformity of the wheel rim in the radial and axial directions. The cooling method adopts the above-mentioned cooling device to heat-treat and cool the wheel when preparing the wheel, thereby effectively enhancing the hardness uniformity of the wheel rim and improving the service performance of the wheel. The preparation method adopts the above-mentioned cooling method to heat-treat and cool the wheel during preparation, so that the uniformity of the hardness of the rim can be prepared.


The heat treatment method for medium-carbon low-alloy steel road wheels includes quenching and heating the rolled and slow-cooled railway wheels at 840-860°C, water spray cooling, tempering at 500±10°C, power frequency induction heating at 890-910°C, The purpose of the compressed air cooling process is to significantly reduce the depth of the abnormal tissue area near the surface of the tread on the basis of maintaining the original mechanical properties of the wheel, or completely eliminate the abnormal tissue layer, so as to improve the performance of the wheel and reduce the cutting cost.


Customized Casting/Forging Railway Parts Railroad Wheel Cast Iron/Steel Rail Wheel Train Wheels mainly used for RRV, Road-rail dual-use vehicles refer to special vehicles that can run on railway tracks as well as on general roads and even in the field. also called RRV. It was mainly used in the military in the early days. Hyundai mainly undertakes emergency tasks such as maintenance and rescue of railway lines and along the lines. Road-rail dual-use vehicles are required to be able to switch between roads and railways quickly and easily. It is usually realized by the hydraulic lane-changing slewing device on the chassis and the railway traveling guide wheel device that can be raised and lowered at any time. With the guide wheel device, the general rubber tire wheels can drive straight along the rail. Because this kind of vehicle requires a certain traction and carrying capacity, it can play a unique role in the event that the railway line is interrupted or blocked due to a disaster. Dedicated road-rail vehicles include: electric traction section catenary repair vehicles, excavators used for mountain railway repairs, emergency tractors, generator vehicles, fire trucks, fast bridge vehicles, etc.


Road rail vehicles forging and casting wheels assembled by bearing or axles to wheelset

Strength of Metal Steel Hydraulic Drive Rail Gear Railroad Wheels Railroad Cast Iron/Steel Rail Wheel Train Wheels:

1. Forging production, longer lifespan, for smaller quantity, free forging, for big quantity, precision forging with mould

2. Diameter: 0-1450mm, 6",8",10",12",14",16",20",24",28",30",34",36",40",42",etc

3.100% inspection before delivery


Usage of Road rail vehicles forging and casting wheels assembled by bearing or axles to wheelset:

Train, railcars, light rail, street car, metro, freight car, railway wagon for mining, rail trucks, ballast rail cars, Hy-rail hirail cars, etc


The Production Railway Wheels Process

1. Wheels Steel Melting 2. Round Billet Sawing Cutting 3. Heating 4. Phosphorus 5. Stamping Forming 6. Rolling 7. Bending Punch 8. Hot Stamping 9. Laser Measurement 10. Drop Stack 11. Roughing 12.Hardening 13.Tempering 14. Sampling 15. Pre-processing 16. Finishing 16. The Cold Print 17. Static Equilibrium 18. The Cold Print 19. Hardness Testing 20. Ultrasonic Testing 21. Magnetic Particle Testing 22. Shot Peening 23. Painting Packaging

Forging Casting Steel Rail Wheels Dia 36inch 40inch 42inch Size 0

Main Testing and Inspection Device

No. Device Type Qty Status Note
1 End quenching machine DZJ-I 1 working Testing
2 Electric resistance furnace SX2-8-12 2 working Testing
3 Inverted metallurgic microscope 4XCE 1 working Inspection
4 High temperature box resistance furnace SX2-4-13 1 working Testing
5 Automatic digital display Rockwell hard-tester 200HRS-180 1 working Inspection
6 Electronic Brinell hardness tester THB-3000 1 working Inspection
7 HR-150B Rockwell hardness tester HR-150B 1 working Inspection
8 Rapid multi-element analyzer JS-DN328 1 working Inspection
9 Electric arc furnace JSDL-8 1 working Testing
10 Rapid multi-element analyzer(C & S) JS-DN328 1 working Inspection
11 Infrared thermometer AR872 2 working Inspection
12 Portable chemical composition analyzer AR872 2 working Inspection
13 Test specimen sampler KW30-6 1 working Inspection


Our Equipments:

The total production area of Kingrail Parts is 55, 000 square meters, including a 40, 000 square meter factory and 10, 000 square meter warehouse. The production mill covers over 100, 000 square meters equipped with steel rolling and casting lines, rail elastic clip lines, fish plate lines, spike & Bolt lines, heating treatment line and surface anticorrosion treatment line rockwell hardness tester as well as electro galvanizing, hot galvanizing and Dacromet processing lines. Our technical force is strong, the inspection method is complete, we can strictly implement the national railway standards for production.


Services we can provide:

1. Our railway products comply with AREMA, DIN, BS, UIC, GOST, NF, JIS, GB and other standards.

2. We can customize railway fasteners products according to your samples or drawings.


3. Fast , Convinient Services with High quality products but competitive price.


4. Complete quality inspection procedure to every batch of shipment before delivery.


5. After-service can be warranty last to 3 years of any questions from our customers.


Our aim is to serve customers by providing the the most optimized solution according to the needs of production and meet the satisfaction.



Forging Casting Steel Rail Wheels Dia 36inch 40inch 42inch Size 1



Railway parts products we can provide:

1, Rail Spike Series: Rail Screw Spike, rail Dog Spike, rail Elastic Spike etc.

2, Track Bolt series: Track Bolt, Segment Bolt, Metro Bolt, Tunnel Bolt, Hex Bolt, Square Bolt, Turnout Bolt, Fishtail Bolt, T bolt etc

3, Rail Clip series: Nabla rail Clip, Elastic rail Clip, SKL rail Tension Clamp, O rail Clip, Gauge Lock Clip etc

4, Steel Rails series: Railway rails, Crane Rails, Mining Rails, Over the head Rails, etc

5, Steel rail wheels series: Train Wheels, Crane Wheels, Hi-rail vehicle wheels, etc

6, Other materials and accessories: Rail Gauge Insulator, rail rubber Pad, rail Fish plate, Nut, rail Plastic Dowel, rail Tie plate, Spring Washer, Flat Washer, Cast Iron Insert, Anti Creeper, rail Gauge Rod etc.

Forging Casting Steel Rail Wheels Dia 36inch 40inch 42inch Size 2
Why choose us:

1. The company is in a leading position in the industry and has obtained SGS-ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification and CRCC certification. Quality is guaranteed.

2. We have 8 professional sales staff and more than 60 professional engineers. Can provide professional and fast suggestions and quotations for your railway customized products

3. Ma′anshan is a port city. We can provide you with faster shipping services

4. 20 years of production and sales experience. Deal with all kinds of after-sales problems for you in time.


Main Production Equipment List   of Road rail vehicles forging and casting wheels assembled by bearing or axles to wheelset

No. Equipment Type Qty Status Note
1 Vertical lathe VTC6070 36 working Finishing workshop
2 VMC AVL-860 3 working Finishing workshop
3 VMC VMC850B 14 working Finishing workshop
4 Multi-function machine HTC2050n 20 working Finishing workshop
5 CAK 5085di 10 working Finishing workshop
6 Steyr CNC lathe CK7520ACK50 8 6 working Finishing workshop
7 Milling and drilling machine XZ8210C 2 working Finishing workshop
8 CNC milling and drilling machine TY-ZT5060 6 working Finishing workshop
9 OD milling machine MB32BX500 2 working Finishing workshop
10 Air compressor HLGD-75 1 working Finishing workshop
11 Vertical drilling machine Z5140A 6 working Finishing workshop
12 CNC suspended tapping machine SKXFGS.PS 5 working Finishing workshop
13 CNC hobbing machine YK3180CNC3 6 working Finishing workshop
14 Marking machine HZP-90*160D etc. 6 working Finishing workshop
15 Natural gas furnace WLS-DZ-001 etc. 2 working Forging workshop
16 Air hammer C41-2000 etc. 15 working Forging workshop
17 Press J53-2500C etc. 18 working Forging workshop
18 Ring rolling machine D51-450A etc. 8 working Forging workshop
19 Electric furnace KGPS-600KW etc. 10 working Forging workshop
20 Compressor 175A-20.5 etc. 3 working Forging workshop
21 CNC sawing machine GZ4232 16 working Raw material workshop
22 Automatic normalization furnace HRDW-600KW 8 working Heat treatment workshop
23 Suspended gas normalization furnace WD-0138 2 working Heat treatment workshop
24 Shot blasting machine Q3210,Q69 etc. 4 working Finishing workshop


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