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company news about What are the advantages of hollow wheel shafts?

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What are the advantages of hollow wheel shafts?
Latest company news about What are the advantages of hollow wheel shafts?

The company has developed a hollow wheel shaft, which includes a hollow wheel shaft body. The wheel shaft body is equipped with a honeycomb diving silo containing a plurality of independent bins, and the density of each independent bin is less than 1g/cm3. The wheel shaft body is a hollow tubular structure. Both ends of the wheel shaft body are provided with protrusions, the protrusions are provided with connecting parts, and the connecting parts are connected with the wheels. The design structure of the honeycomb diving silo makes the overall weight of the wheel axle light, and it can float without sinking in the water. It is suitable for occasions requiring buoyancy. If one compartment of the honeycomb submersible structure is damaged, it will not affect other compartments, and the wheel shaft can still float. It also ensures the overall strength of the wheel axle is high, saves materials, and has good economic feasibility. The preparation process is simple and the productivity is high.

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