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company news about What does the wheel suspension have?

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What does the wheel suspension have?
Latest company news about What does the wheel suspension have?

The company develops a wheel suspension device with wheel bearing frame; The swing arm element can pivot around the internal hinge part and connect to the wheel bearing frame through the external hinge part, so that the wheel bearing frame can move in the vertical direction and pivot around the basically vertical steering axis, so as to adjust the required wheel deflection angle; It also has a wheel bearing device contained in the wheel bearing frame; It is also provided with a wheel hub supported by a wheel bearing device; It is also equipped with a wheel drive motor for generating driving torque; It also has a drive shaft for transferring the driving torque from the wheel drive motor to the area of the wheel bearing frame. According to the invention, the wheel drive motor and the swing arm element can be pivotally connected through an articulated device, and this connection is realized as follows, that is, the wheel drive motor can pivot around a basically vertical motor pivot axis, which extends in the middle area between the outer hinge part and the inner hinge part of the swing arm element.

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